UPS Driver Helps Nab Burglary Suspect

Elizabeth Wallace was dog sitting a couple’s two pooches when cops claim Justin Smith  broke into the homeowner’s garage.

A UPS driver alerted a neighbor who ran inside and grabbed his Louisville slugger.

“I hollered at him and said you better drop that stuff now.  You better drop that stuff now,” said a neighbor.

The church pastor who asked not to be identified called 911 while his partner in brown snapped a photo of Smith.

“He was the central person in all this really,” added the pastor.

Minutes later police located a man matching the suspect’s description.  Cops brought him back to the neighborhood — and using the amateur cell phone photo — were able to place him at the scene of the crime.

“Amen, amen,” he added.

An unlikely trio working together to keep one neighborhood safe.

KEYE TV put in a request to interview the UPS driver but the company declined due to the active criminal investigation. 

Smith is charged with burglary of a habitation.  That’s a third degree felony.

By Alex Boyer