Two Questions

      First this from Tips-Q:  Today, President Obama nominated Solicitor General Elena Kagan for the Supreme Court. Since she happens to be an unmarried woman who has not publicly commented on her sexuality and supports LGBT rights, many on the right are making assumptions about her personal life — and therefore her fitness to serve as a justice. Last month, CBS News published an online column by GOP operative Ben Domenech, which called Kagan the “first openly gay justice.”

     My first question is: Does the above statement make a fair assumption?

     My second question involves UPS founder Jim Casey. We all know he never married. I cannot say unequivocally that he ever had a girlfriend. He happened to be an unmarried man who did not publicly comment on his sexuality and he supported LGBT workers by hiring them into his company. So the question is:

     Was Jim Casey gay?

     Using good old Republican logic, I would have to say he was.