The Use and Abuse of Telematics

I had and interesting new experience with Telematics. The managers posted a bunch of Google Earth pictures showing the driver routes superimposed over the aerial picture from Google earth. They then put comments above the pictures about what they felt the We deserve betterdriver was doing wrong. On one picture they were commenting how the driver had not stop completed any packages at the location, and had a hundred foot backing episode. Their last comment was, “what was the driver doing there if he wasn’t making deliveries?” It turns out the picture was of our satellite center in the mountains. The driver that was in there was the shuttle driver bringing up the loads for the other two drivers based out of that center. Of course he would show no deliveries. I’m betting they reviewed this satellite image with that driver having a “your screwing us” attitude. As I’ve stated in the past. “Just another harassment technique.
               Now they can harass you for simply doing your job.