The Death of the Lieing Driver

   We Know What Time It Is, Do You?  With everybody worrying about the implementation of Telematics, the realities create very interesting scenarios. Everybody is worried about being watched. Everybody is worried about wearing their seatbelt, or closing their bulkhead door. Everybody is worried about the length of their lunch break, or being parked to long for any reason. Everybody is worried about not being on trace, or being somewhere they’re not supposed to be.
               Everybody is worried right?
               The trouble is many drivers are not worried about the right things! 

     Even management has forgotten that many drivers have been taught, and pushed, to falsify their records in order to make commitments on Next Day Air. Upper management puts out a report showing Next Day Air discrepancies from 10:15 to 10:30. They then print a correlated report showing what time those Next Day Air discrepancy packages were actually delivered. In addition they will pull up a Telematics map showing whether the driver was actually at that stop when the driver shows the discrepancy.
     The end result in the Englewood building was 5 drivers, to date, that have been Terminated for falsifying their records. They showed Air “send agains”, or “Customer Requests Late Delivery”, on their DIADs only to deliver them at 10:40 or 10:50. All of them admitted they were trying not to show “late air”. 
     Each also contended that they had been taught by management to do this in order for the “late air” not to show up on the center report. These are the real dangers to the drivers. Staying on area is easy. Taking only your hour lunch is easy. Not visiting with the customers is easy. Cheating as management taught you, and suddenly finding out they will fire you for working as directed is not easy.
     The word on the street is that lawsuits have been filed over these cases. Time will tell the end result of that. One of the terminations even involved a 97 scab. One of the companies finest. The company wanted everyone to know they will cut the throat of their own babies if need be.
     So we come back to the usual stand of the Steward. Do not lie on your records. Be where you are supposed to be. Do your job as the company teaches you to do.
Listen to your union steward and you will have a longer career with the company than any human can stand.