The Company Systamatically Fires ’97 Scabs

I guess the first order of business is you would have had to be around since 97 to remember the strike. It was short by most terms, Sexxyabout 2 weeks. The company was counting on the drivers to cross the picket line. Most did not, but a few did. Most of these drivers were the self serving, run and gun, types UPS loves.
     Most of these drivers thought they could cut a fat hog with management allowing them to be protected for life from the company’s ruthless ways. Ironically about 78% of these drivers have been terminated in the 12 years since. Most ultimately turned to the Teamsters for help to try to keep their jobs, but their infractions were so major, and the company so ruthless, and unforgiving, and forgetful of what these people did for them that today they work elsewhere.
     Many of these sell outs even campaigned for Right-To Work for less legislation testifying that they didn’t need the union. Yet they were the first to cry when they were caught stealing from the company, or getting their second DUI while in the company “spin-dry”. They immediately whined to the Teamsters, then just as quickly started to bad mouth the Teamsters when it turned out their violations were so egregious that the company simply would not back off of the terminations. The Teamsters took their cases to the limit just to be sure these people were given their rights under the Union Contract.
     Isn’t it ironic that the people that fought the Union the most, received the most attention in the end.
     The observation I make is a Scab is a personality trait more than an action. These people cannot stand by anyone else. They seem to have abusive tendencies much like the company.
                                                                      As a long time UPSer my observation is:
                                               Be a Scab! Get fired!