The Company is Willing to Risk Tier 3 Accidents

What will this do to my stops per hour?A number of interesting developments have taken place with the implementation of Telematics. Drivers have started to slow down, driving the speed limit, closing the bulkhead doors, parking legally, generally working safely. Along with Telematics has been the new “production push”. Suddenly every managers head is on the chopping block, and their ass in the wringer to improve production by first 10%, then 25%, then 40%. Meanwhile they have been terminating their hot dogger types for records falsification, and many of the usual delivery tricks that improve production. With all of the scrutiny from the Lord and Master using Telematics, the only way left for production to be improved is to promote driving faster than the legal speed limit. I have had a manager literally tell me that “I have permission to drive five to ten miles an hour over the speed limit”, in order to improve production. The managers know that the Lord and Master’s I.E. people are not looking at speeding using Telematics. They only look if there’s some kind of issue. They will look if a driver crashes to see if he or she was exceeding the speed limit. You can bet they look very close in a tier 3 accident situation. So what are they telling me? They are telling me to risk my job and safety to improve their production. They claim Telematics was put in to improve safety. The fact is they don’t care about safety. The system was put in for harassment and nothing else. It is the ultimate in controlling all of the thieves that work for them. Since most managers sold their souls to be where they are, they think the rest of us should do the same. No matter what you do for them, to make them successful, they will be on your ass like a rabid dog if anything happens. The system is designed to weed out the higher paid senior driver that slips up for any reason. Why pay the benefits, and the wage, when you can get some freaked out youngster. who is happy to have a job at 13 bucks an hour, to throw their stuff away. If he or she gets to out of hand, they can just throw them away and start over again. God forbid the youngster should want to make a career out of this job. The days of this company being about it’s people are over. Nowadays it’s all about the bottom line, and everyone of you is expendable in the pursuit of profit. Their attitude is “haul ass, just don’t crash”.