Telematics is Lurking in the Background

     The company slowed down throwing Telematics in our faces on a daily basis. It’s best you don’t forget it’s there though. On anyIt's all about the map! incident, out of the ordinary, out comes the Telematics printouts. The first thing they look at is, “were you supposed to be there?” Don’t believe for a minute that Harry the IE man is not still looking for any irregularities on any given day.
      Your center manager receives daily e-mails from IE telling him of any discrepancies. Usually the center manager will look at the WOR to see if you ran decent for the day. If you did, he/she will usually go on to some other problem child. If not you can bet they will be throwing it in your face.
     Remember the goal is to have a reason to harass you. Even if you have a good excuse for any discrepancy, they will still treat you as if you are a lying, cheating thief. Their comment will always be, “sure, you always have an excuse for everything”.
     It doesn’t matter if the pre-load sucked that day. It doesn’t matter if traffic was bad. It doesn’t matter if they gave you some BS split. If you ran bad, they will pick the fly-crap out of the pepper, and that will be the reason you are a dirt bag. 
     Get used to it. The first rule is to have you union steward by your side every time you talk to them. Don’t think they are looking the other way. We have had 3 fireballs fired because of Telematics discrepancies. One even was a scab during the strike, so you get the idea that they are not taking any prisoners.
     Do the job right. They must directly observe you, and you must have the intent to be dishonest for them to discipline you. Of course harassment is discipline to most people, but you will have a long career of that so get used to it.