“Running, Jumping, Fireball”

Running, Jumping, Fireballs are a Thing of the PastWe have had the first casualty of a “running, jumping, fireball”. This Gal had been notorious for running a paper route. Of course management loved her because her numbers were always great. For 15 years they looked the other way while she flung their stuff far and wide. Along comes Telematics. They found that she had “discrepancies”, in her air deliveries. They found she wasn’t leaving them where she said, or when she said. She had been living in fear of management for years, trying to do everything they wanted to stay out of the line of fire. It all worked great until the arrival of the great overseer. Now management does not have the power to lie, cheat , and steal like they used to. That includes protecting their “running, jumping, fireballs”
              Do It Right, or you won’t be doing it at all!.
                       There are no lies with Telematics!
              They won’t protect you, even if they want to!

UPDATE: The RJF mentioned here lost her job permanently through the panel system. IF you don’t do it right, you will be fired. Additionally two more people are up for termination. One was even a scab from the strike.