Rumor Has It

   Let Me See, What Can I Think Of Next?  Sources say the company intends to retrofit all package cars with a new starting system. The driver will carry a FOB that enables the starting system to function.  A push button on the dash allows the truck to start, but only when the FOB is in proximity. The FOB also enables the locking and unlocking of the bulkhead door, and the back door without having to use a key. When the driver moves a certain distance away, the truck should be secure. The cost of retrofit is rumored to be in the millions, and every vehicle is supposed to get one.
     The plus is the elimination of the “key on the finger” delivery method. No putting the key in the ignition. No putting the key in the bulkhead door. Sources say the company expects to recover the cost of retrofitting it’s entire fleet the first year in time savings by changing driver methods. They also will benefit from increased security by drivers being unable to leave their keys in the truck.
     The only real negative I can see is during severe cold weather, when the truck will not stay warm unless left running, the drivers will be freezing their asses off, because the truck will shut down when the FOB moves away from the vehicle. Of course I can see where drivers will leave the FOB in the truck while they make the delivery. A new terminating offense?
     I love new Technology. Obviously so does the company.