Retirees Waiting to See

     After reading what is available about the tentative agreement, many questions remain. The single biggest question for retirees is “will our benefit level remain the same, at the same cost?”
     From what I can find, our cost will not increase. In my conversations with Local officers though I have been led to believe that our benefit levels will be reduced, effectively raising our out of pocket costs for healthcare.
     As retirees it is somewhat frustrating. Once we retire we cannot vote to accept or reject the contract. We also have no say in who negotiates our benefits for us. We are basically stuck with what is negotiated on our behalf, like it or not. 
     Pay attention for the next few weeks as the actual details of the tentative agreement will be forthcoming, and the Locals are supposed to be having informational meetings to go over the changes. A good idea would be for you to contact your Local and find out when these meetings are scheduled to be held.
     One final detail would be to thank the officers for the difficult task of negotiating with the behemoth UPS. As I have contended for years, if our membership does not get on the side of our Union, it will be a long downhill slide.
                                           Get involved. You future depends on it!

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