Peak Punishment

     It’s almost Peak Punishment time. It’s time for the company to use and abuse the people that have been their “humper dumpers”, The 400 Cluband “balls of fire” throughout the year.  The days are over for 8-hour requests, and option days. Beyond Thanksgiving the company can pretty much throw the Contract in the toilet, and let the drivers have it with both barrels.
     The sound of squealing “humpers” can be heard throughout the building, as the company heaps on the stops. Silliness like the “400 club”, and the “Production Club” rears it’s ugly head. Unfortunately many of the “lesser knowledgable” drivers get sucked into the lunacy. Many will be injured, and many will have accidents trying to produce up to the insane levels of expectation.
    Any driver that’s been through a few Peaks will tell you, “continue to work at a safe pace”. “Get done what you can get done, and let management worry about their insane expectations”.
     Accidents and injuries will still cost you your job, even at Peak. Even the greatest Producers have been fired during Peak for major accidents. Being injured at Peak is the cardinal “no-no”. Once you are injured, management will cop a, “you just couldn’t do it” attitude.  You will “forever after” have the reputation of being a wimp, and falling down on the job when the company needed you the most.
     It will just be another attack by the “abusive daddy”.
     Given the economic, and political climate, the push will be even greater, so prepare yourself. 
                                         Do not get sucked in!