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UPS Driver In Trouble Because You’re Not Supposed To Have Naughty Times On The Job



We know, we know, there are plenty of opportunities in a job filled with packages of various sizes and shapes to move things in a sassy direction. But UPS is highly displeased over a photo floating around out there as evidence that one of its drivers allegedly had a sexual encounter in the back of a delivery truck.

Not only that, the lady partner in question — who reportedly posted the photo, says NewsOn6.com in Oklahoma City — appears to be clad in a UPS uniform jacket (and not much else) while preening among the packages.

A spokeswoman for UPS corporate tells the statoin that this kind of behavior is grounds for termination, and that the company is working on tracking down the driver as fast as it can.

The woman apparently posted the photo of herself in the driver’s jacket on a personal website (where she’s listed as a “happiness consultant” with the caption, “Look at my naughty time from yesterday.”

Another follow-up post reportedly described exactly what happened with the driver, saying there could be more photos to come if people sign up as members of her site.

“It disrespects UPS drivers and customers. This is not behavior we would ever condone for anyone, let alone for our company. We want to assure other drivers and our customers that this will be fully investigated,” the spokeswoman says.