Management Rant

I’ve been in mangt with UPS for over twenty years and it has been a terrible time. The relentless conf calls and berating that mangt takes is not right. The demands on one’s time is ridiculous, the average Full time supervisor works 11-13 hours per day ? The last five years have been worst then ever because we have had such a brain drain of our solid leaders and now with battlefield promotions of people who have little or no success, we are being managed by a cast of idiots. Talk with a UPS mangt person and they will tell you their retirement date, why? because they can’t wait to leave. Most of us cannot afford to leave due to a pension at the end of our term. But there is hope, UPS paid out over 80 million in a major lawsuit with our part time supervisors. The lawsuit was about abusing this groups hours, (making them work 6-7 hours per day) but only paying them 5.5. This lawsuit has caused a fault line thru the higher ranks from Atlanta right down to us lowly Full time supervisor’s. We are threatened at least once a week about this lawsuit and to monitor our people’s hours. When in fact it was upper mangt who looked the other way on this practice. Although we are salaried employees I believe that there is a very strong under current brewing across the company that we should not be mistreated, berated or overworked to the degree that we have been and this lawsuit was the first opening for us. Want proof of this nasty enviroment? Ask the next UPS driver you run into about him or her joining the mangt ranks and be ready for their response of complete anger or a loud laugh. In the past we would have a bench of 2-3 employees per operating center waiting to become mangt. now there is hardly one per operating district? FYI, I am still employed at UPS, and I am not one of those “dirtbag” mangt people that upper mangt has looked down upon. I am fortunately still in good graces with upper mangt and I am looked upon as a leader for my operating center, so I do not post this material as a scorned, irrational revengeful person. I post this information because I want the other mangt people at UPS to stand up and help change our company back to the way it was before. As many of us say to each other everyday, “What was once a career, is now a job”. By the way it is peak delivery season and evryone is being e-mailed daily not to have their drivers go over the DOT rules of 60 hours, but how many mangt people are on the road more then 60 hours?