It Never Ceases to Amaze Me

     It never ceases to amaze me how our Union membership can sit back, brag about what  they have, and how good they are. Yet when the time comes to back up the organization that sees to it they can live a solid middle class life, they go to their gun cabinet, or Bite the hand that feeds you!their church and defiantly state they can’t support a “liberal group” like the Teamsters Union. They will sit back and suck up every benefit negotiated for them, then bad mouth the very organization that oversees their health, and family life.
     The Teamsters have truly provided the freedom for them to enjoy all of their other activities without fear of job loss, or health coverage, or retirement benefits. They will listen to Glenn Beck, or Rush Limbaugh tell them that the Teamsters are crooked, and corrupt, and that they are being stolen from, and they will believe it. I don’t see these multi-millionaires feeding these Teamster familys, or paying these Teamsters insurance. All I see is their mouth in gear, and our gullible membership, with a blank stare, going “Yup, yup, yup”, or “mega dittos”, thanks for letting me be lazy and not think for myself.
     It’s amazing how people will go against their own self interest in the quest to boost their own ego. 
     Keep in mind that I am a huge supporter of the debate. It takes all sides to keep the world turning. I just find it amazing how keeping the world turning requires turning your back on the people that have your back.
     Just my observation, like it or not.