Is UPS Going Too Far with ‘Direct to Door’ ?

     UPS has announced that it will begin delivering a little something extra next year. That something will be a packet of advertisements that will accompany some deliveries. So when you buy something online, you may be targeted for the UPS version of junk mail. Junk mail, the UPS way
     According to Marketing Daily, UPS is trying out the idea in select cities this Fall and will go nationwide with the program in 2010. “The offers will be packaged in a custom-designed “UPS Direct-to-Door Pak” — white with an image of a UPS delivery van — and delivered to residents in the test ZIP codes who are receiving a small package shipment that day. Each Direct-to-Door Pak can contain approximately 12 offers and samples from UPS customers. “
     “The samples will come in a separate, uniquely designed pack. The spokesperson says UPS developed the idea after doing focus-group research on direct-mail marketing that suggested people are too inundated with offers to notice them.”
     “The focus group attendees said they would feel differently about it if a sample package were delivered by hand by a familiar person. “They trust a familiar face, the UPS driver, and they are more likely to accept something from them that’s a surprise or gift.”
     What it sounds like to me is that UPS is going to soak the particfipating advertisers for what sounds like the latest greatest marketing idea. UPS customers will get something else to sort through and throw away. There is already skepticism that the offers will not be anything that isn’t available elsewhere, such as a Zappos offer to join their VIP Club. That offer is available to everyone on the Zappos website.
     Is UPS going too far with this new program? I don’t know but I do know I don’t like junk mail and I don’t like spam and this program doesn’t sound all that different.