Irate Customers Demand UPS Packages

                      Customers Wait Outside Warehouse After UPS Fails To Deliver 50,000 Packages

Hundreds of people lined up outside a United Parcel Service building on Saturday morning, demanding packages that UPS were delayed in delivering.

“We’re getting mixed message about what’s going from people out here, people in there,” said Gary Stull.

UPS was delayed in delivering about 50,000 packages because of Thursday’s snow storm. Those packages are now sitting in a Commerce City warehouse.

UPS said the storm impacted operations, delayed deliveries and just about maxed out the limit drivers are allowed to be behind the wheel for a week.

Stull told 7NEWS that he’s been waiting three days for a friend’s gift.

“We’re standing in line because there was 10 inches of snow,” said Stull.

“Not a way I’d like to spend Christmas Eve, but I didn’t expect the line to be this long,” said David Hawman.

Hawman and his girlfriend waited more than an hour to get a surprise gift.

“When one of every 20th person has a package, that’s not a good sign,” said another customer.

At 3:20 p.m., a 7NEWS viewer reported UPS employees being verbally abused by customers and said police had been called to the warehouse.