How Ya Doin’ ?

“The Tightest SLAVE Ship in the Shipping Industry”        One Of, “The Few, The Proud, The Overallowed”        
Just another day in paradise!  
                             Just beatin’ the big brown dead horse!

Just wackin’ big brown!                      Just holdin’ on for dear life!

Just lovin’ life!                    Just driven’ the big brown machine!

Just huggin’ boxes!                                           Just another Monday in Paradise!>>
Gettin’ down with brown!                                                  Just massagin’ cardboard!

Just livin’ the big brown life!                Must be paradise ‘cause I keep comin’ back!

Lovin’ now, hopin’ to leave soon!                 Just happy to be here!
Greeting My Brown GirlfriendHappy to be here, wishin’ I was somewhere else!

Getting’ by till the cows come home!

Just takin’ a big brown!

Hanging out till things get better!

Wishin’ things were better!

Hopin’ for the best, expectin’ the worst!                            Feelin’ the love!

Wackin’ brown after the sun goes down!     Just givin’ other people’s stuff away!

Countin’ visit’s!                      Hope it’s paradise!

Plannin’ my day!                          Beatin’ the big brown noodle!

Hopin’ for sensitivity!                                 Lovin’ the boss!

Just glad they care so much!

Hopin’ for an early day!                                   Just knowin’ things will be better tomorrow!

If you think it’s bad today, just wait!                               Livin’ light!

Headin’ them off at the pass!                                                                  Gettin’ motivated!

Gettin’ brown outa my ass!                         Prayen’ with the big brown god!

Motivatin’ through the day!                                 Wonderin’ about the bosses wacky terbacky!

Believin’ in the universe!                                                      Takin’ the Big Brown Dirt Nap!
Must be Purgatory!         Waggin’ the Big Brown Tail!
Stinkin’ It Up!                                                                     Just Suckin’!
Retirin’ Till I Retire!

Blank stare!
And you?
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