Governor Ritter, No Labor Support?, No Election

    Your last act of defiance What a surprise! Governor Bill Ritter has announced he won’t seek re-election in Colorado. He states family issues as his major reason for stepping down.
     I contend the lagging poll numbers, and the fact that he turned his back on the base, are the reasons he’s leaving. The base being the labor organizations that spent millions of dollars, and supplied boots on the ground, to get him elected. What did he do for labor? Vetoed any solid pro-labor legislation to be put on his desk. His days have been numbered ever since. He then turns around and puts Mr. Anti-Labor Senator Michael Bennet into Ken Salazar’s seat. Bennet is well known to oppose the Teachers Unions in the state of Colorado. He had a number of better possibilities such as Joan Fitzgerald, or Andrew Romanoff, but no, he went with an anti-labor guy.
     These guys live in a dream world. Who’s going to show up for them, when they turn into the very corporate jack-ass we voted out in the first place?
     The politicians on the National level are about to discover the same situation. We voted them in to represent the people, not the corporations, and who do they support? The corporations.
     As I’ve stated in the past, the last bastion of the people is the vote. Why do you think the corporations spend billions of dollars on the media outlets? To influence the less attentive ones of you that “you need to vote against your own best interest”. Media loves to influence the “low information” or “easily influenced voter”.
     Are you in either of those classifications? I doubt it if you are reading this site.
     Until we demand election reform, and/or take back our media outlets, we will continue to be a badly divided country. Our politicians are about the people that pay them, not the people that vote for them.
     Election reform or die!