Fight Hunger……Eat the Rich

Jesus was a Liberal   A Northern Sun catalog came in the mail today. Happy days are here again!! They sell great buttons and bumper stickers, or as they say, “Products for Progressives since 1979.” The pages are loaded with all the best liberal quotes and catch phrases. I always try to buy a button or two and show my support. Buy American. 
   Fight Hunger…Eat the Rich is the first one I would buy. I have to admit, that’s how I feel about the coming class war. Or how about When I Grow Up, I Want t be Too Big to Fail. Oh sorry, that’s only banks and health insurance companies.  We Already have Death Panels, they’re called Insurance Companies.
I like the ones that offend the people that offend me. Voting is Like Driving, “R” is for reverse, “D” is for Forward.
   I would love to run a company like this. It would make a great retirement job, doing something fun and making a statement.  I’d love to have this one on a bumper sticker, Where’s Robin Hood when you need him? Some of them explain the world in much simpler terms than all the talk shows ever could. Liberals treat dogs like people, conservatives treat people like dogs.
   Don’t worry that you might be offended if you check out the link,   Wikileaks says You can handle the truth.