Don’t Make Me Laugh

                                            that's funnyStewards usually have a pretty good sense of humor and enjoy a good joke. Here’s something that stewards often hear that always makes them laugh.  

      The joke goes something like this.

      I don’t use the methods but they wouldn’t fire me because: I run under for them all time. My supervisor likes me. Their numbers would go in the toilet if they fired me. I’d slow way down if they tried to fire me. 
      I skip my lunch for them. Nobody else could do that route like I do. I bring in big accounts. I don’t file grievances. I’ve never been in trouble. I don’t report injuries even though my back hurts all the time. I saved their butts so many times. Nobody else works as hard as I do. I don’t complain about excessive overtime. 
      I’m never late and never call in sick. I socialized with the boss before he went into management. Upper management likes me. Or the funniest one of all: They wouldn’t fire me because I’m the best driver in the center, they tell me so all the time.