Do Something, Even If It’s Wrong

     Doing the wrong thing isn’t always the worst thing. Very often the worst thing is doing nothing at all. Many of the problems we have I'm a Bad Girlin our world are simply a result of the inactions of others. We have the politicians we have because many people simply do not vote. We have the Union leaders we have for the same reason. Often the election results are decided by less than a quarter of the people involved. In a solid presidential year the number of voters is usually less than half of all the people that can vote.
          The fear of doing the wrong thing often drives people’s inaction. The first consideration would be that the “wrong thing”  is actually a matter of perspective. You may be told you are doing the “wrong thing” for representing a driver that is accused of stealing time from the company. How many times have you heard, “why would you take that guys side?” In reality many times the company has jumped to the conclusion that the driver is guilty until proving innocent, and they are expecting you to make the same leap. Very often, after further investigation, you find that the company’s case is unfounded. Had you jumped to the company’s side, you would have done the “wrong thing”. That driver would have been gone. It turns out the “wrong thing” was the “right thing” to do. You certainly did the right thing in the driver’s eyes.
          Had you done nothing at all, the result would have been very similar, but an example would be set. Doing nothing would set you up as a “do nothing” steward. The company would know they could run rough shod over you in the future, making things worse on the next go-round. By standing your ground, right or wrong, you let them know they can’t buffalo you. A reputation that will follow you for a very long time. Your reputation among the drivers will become more solid, and you will represent the Union in a better light to the Rank-and-File. Your membership will know they can turn to you. Your own self-esteem will improve. You will become more confident in your ability to represent people in the future, and stand up for what you think is right. You will also become a person people will look to for answers. 
                                     All by doing the “wrong thing”.
              You can always fix something wrong.
 You can’t fix what you didn’t deal with in the first place.