Contract Defiance

     TScrew You, Love us corporate a--holes!he company has taken a stance of total defiance to the Teamster-UPS contract. They blatantly attack anyone that files a nine-five grievance, and the Union stands by. They blatantly ignore the grievance and continue forcing excessive overtime, and the Union stands by. They name call, harass drivers, using their own cell phones, and threaten, up to and including violence, and the Union stands by. They terminate without compassion for otherwise encouraged behavior, and the Union stands by.
     In what should be a very exciting time for the Teamsters Union, the rank and file membership that has been the base for the Teamsters is being deliberately attacked, and the Union stands by.  
                                     What are they waiting for?
     They are waiting for you to say something. If you, (the rank-and-file), do not speak up, they will do nothing. Sometimes the Teamsters can be their own worst enemy. Of  course your complacency contributes to the problem. 
                    Get off your dead ass and complain!