Are You a Waiter?

         Do you wait until you have worked a couple of weeks over nine-five then throw a fit because your Steward isn’t taking care of you? Do you watch your supervisors work day after day then suddenly wonder why no one is doing anything about it? Do something even if it's wrong Do you talk to management in the office then wonder why they suddenly take discipline on you when you confided information on a friendly basis? Did you call in too many times and suddenly get a warning letter for attendance, and wonder why no one was looking out for you?
        The fact is, the world does not revolve around your issues. You need to talk to your Steward about these, or other issues, as soon as they arise. If you wait. you may run out of time to take effective action. Also, a cold trail is much harder to follow than a fresh one. Information is more readily available when an incident has just happened, rather than waiting a week or two.Usually you’ve given up your right to fight an issue if you wait. Don’t expect your Steward to ride in on a white horse and save you from yourself. They probably are unaware of your problem. 
        There is a procedure the company must follow to take discipline. They often try to get away with taking discipline incorrectly, counting on your stupidity or lack of action. Many of you fall for it on a daily basis because you don’t take time to talk with the steward in your center. Not happy with your steward? Get one from another center. If that isn’t possible, call your Business Agent at your local. The important thing is to take action today, not tomorrow. 
        Doing nothing will never protect your rights!
        There is plenty of help out there. You just need to speak up.
        Do something even if it’s wrong.