A UPS Driver Claims The Shipping Giant Made Him A Gang Target

A UPS driver is claiming he had a mental breakdown after witnessing a gang execution during his daily route.

Even worse, he claims UPS ignored pleas to relocate him even after it became known the gang was seeking information about him.

California resident Sergio Cervantes was in the middle of his route when he saw a gang execution that left one man dead, Courthouse News reported.

In his lawsuit, Cervantes alleges he held the man as he died, making him a target of the gang members responsible for the shooting.

The same gang members also approached Cervantes’ fellow drivers, asking where Cervantes could be found, according to Courthouse News.

Cervantes said he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and claims he asked the company for a different route.

But, according to Cervantes’ lawsuit, the company was unresponsive and often ignored his requests.

In an email to Courthouse News, UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenburg said employee safety is “paramount” to the company.

Business Insider