A Shot to the Head

     I love it when UPS shoots themselves in the head. I don’t know how many years you have to go to college to lose contact with the real world, but UPS management must be in a post graduate program.  Shoot, shoot

     Here is the latest brainstorm by management. Anyone who works 3 days over 9.5 hours has to take the 4th day off. That’s punishment. A day off without pay. They always think that anyone working excessive hours is doing so intentionally to rip off the company. And the best way to punish that scumbag is to send them home without pay. 

     They never even consider that maybe the dispatch is f****d up and that maybe they are sending this driver out with too much work. Oh no, this guy is ripping the company off and they are going to pay him back by sending him home. 

     The part that they don’t understand is that anyone working 3 days over 9.5 probably WANTS the day off. And they can afford it.  And it’s a contract violation since the drivers are guaranteed eight hour a day. 

     Unless you mutually agree to go home without pay, a simple grievance will get you paid for that day. So what they think is a great way to punish the drivers they don’t like is really a contract violation and a welcome blessing to any driver working too many hours. In fact, maybe you could go over 9.5 every Tues, Weds and Thurs and get a nice 3 day weekend whenever you need it. 

     It must take a college education to come up with this kind of a program.