UPS Contract Scorecard

January 23, 2013: UPS is making billions. But our working conditions have never been worse.

Last time UPS and the International Union negotiated early, we got concessions. We need to do better. You only have so many shots at a contract in your career.

If UPS wants an early agreement, they need to address the growing problems under the current agreement.

UPS Teamsters are being kept in the dark by our Union about what’s happening at the bargaining table. We need to make our voices heard on the issues that effect us every day.

No new contract deal can go into effect until it is approved by UPS Teamsters. Our Right to Vote gives us the power to win a better contract.

We need to be ready to Vote No unless UPS delivers the contract improvements we need.

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What We Got in 2008 What We Need in 2013
Pensions & Benefits UPS achieved its number one pension goal: saving billions by pulling out of Central States and establishing a new plan that pays 48,000 full-time Teamsters in the Central, South and Carolinas the lowest benefits in the country. New part-time hires are forced to wait one year for healthcare, 18 months for family coverage. Protect and improve our pensions with increases in substandard plans, including the IBT-UPS plan. Protect affordable retiree healthcare. Restore health benefits for part-timers after 90 days.
Wages Longer wage progression: three years for new full-timers to reach top pay, including combo jobs. Part-time starting pay frozen at $8.50. Protect good full-time wages. No lengthening progression to full scale. Substantially raise part-time pay so all UPS Teamsters are making a living wage, not starting near the minimum wage.
Excessive Overtime Established Opt-in/Opt-out system which makes drivers jump through hoops before they have the right to file a 9.5 grievance. Penalties for 9.5 violations were increased when the contract is enforced. Raise penalties for 9.5 violations, including for harassing members who exercise 9.5 rights. Make UPS create new driving jobs when there are repeated 9.5 violations in the same center. Too much OT means not enough drivers.
Production Harassment No new protections against production harassment. Specific penalties for over-supervision and harassment. Prohibit use of “methods violations” as catch-all for discipline.
Protection from Technology & Bogus ‘Dishonesty’ Charges International agreed to contract loophole that allows management to terminate drivers based solely on information from technology in cases of broadly-defined “dishonesty.” No discipline based on GPS, DIAD, IVIS or any other technology. Close loopholes so UPS can’t use “dishonesty” as a catch-all to terminate members for lesser offenses. Human error is not dishonesty.
More Full-Time Jobs Article 22.3 language that requires UPS to create 10,000 new full-time 22.3 jobs every contract was deleted. Since then, UPS has eliminated thousands of 22.3 jobs across the country in violation of the contract with no effective or coordinated response by the IBT. Create new full-time driving and 22.3 jobs. Make UPS restore all 22.3 jobs vacated during the last contract. Require UPS to maintain 22.3 jobs in the locals where they are created and pay monetary penalties when the company does not maintain jobs or fill vacancies.
Supervisors Working Penalties for supervisors working were increased from time-and-a-half to double time when the language is enforced. Increase penalties for supervisors working, including a minimum penalty of two hours at double-time pay. Establish higher penalties for repeat offenders. Make UPS create a full-time inside job when there are 40 hours of sups working violations in a week.
Subcontracing/Surepost No new subcontracting protections. The Surepost program is not permitted under the current contract but the International Union has cooperated with the program without negotiating anything for members in return. Make UPS create and maintain more package jobs as a condition of continued union cooperation with Surepost. Tighten restrictions on subcontracting, including subcontracting by UPS Logistics or to UPS Freight.
Improve 22.3 Jobs No new national language for 22.3 workers. Stronger language that strengthens the rights of 22.3 workers to bid on overtime and job assignments. Close loopholes in Article 40 to improve combo jobs.
Fix the Grievance Procedure No improvements in the grievance procedure. Grievance procedure reform, including mandatory time limits that force UPS to answer grievances or pay stiff penalties. Right to strike over deadlocked grievances.