Union dues…a bad investment?

        I saw a film strip a while back that Walmart uses to fight union organizing. It showed a happy Walmart worker saying, “The Union would just take money out of my check.” Perhaps Walmart workers are not the brightest people in the world, or maybe Walmart just portrays them that way, but a simple mathematical computation would show them that union dues are not a bad investment. 
Union         If a Walmart worker makes $10 an hour and pays no union dues, than he makes $400 a week or $1600 a month. But let’s say he organizes and joins a Union and gets a $1 an hour raise. Now he makes $11 an hour, $440 a week or $1760 a month. His dues are 2 times his hourly rate or $22. So his net gain by joining the union is $160 minus $22 or $138 a month. 
        That’s a profit of $138 on an investment of $22.
        I’d take that any month. 

       Where else can you get that kind of a return?
       Only at the Union.