Ten rules for working safe and smart at UPS

1. Carry a small notebook and document everything—weather, traffic conditions, management orders, or any other unusual circumstances that may throw off your SPORH.

2. Inform management of any unusual situations that may occur. Document and notify Loss Prevention of unusual circumstances with customers.

3. Contact the office between Noon and 3 PM if you’ll need your Air or Grounds picked up, or if you will have missed pieces. Call in even if you might make it, just in case.

4. Always sheet every package in your car.

5. Maintain your professionalism at all times. Shouting matches with supervisors do not bring results. Talk to your steward if your supervisor is out of line.

6. Help your fellow brother or sister when you can. Introduce yourself to new members. Build relationships with your preloader and drivers in your area. You may need help yourself one day.

7. Remember: obey now, grieve later. If your supervisor instructs you to do something, do it, unless it breaks the law or jeopardizes your safety. Insubordination can be grounds for termination.

8. If you’re injured on the job, notify your supervisor immediately. Do not let management sway you into not reporting the injury.

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9. If you have an accident, notify management right away. If you don’t notify them, they can discipline and even terminate you.

10. Start preparing for telematics right now. Follow the methods every day.

By Lonnie Mishoe, Brush Ave
Local 804, Long Island