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UPS Contract Voting: Round 2
Hoffa-Hall have launched a PR offensive to try to pass the rejected supplements in the Central Region and Pennsylvania.
Ballots will be mailed Sept 18 and counted October 9 for a number of rejected supplements, including: the Central Region, Ohio Rider, Michigan Rider, Local 243 Rider, Metro Philly Supplement, Local 623 Supplement, and Western Pennsylvania Supplement.

Western locals and New Jersey Local 177 have also reached an agreement with UPS on their healthcare plan which they say will be equal to or better than the enhanced Central States TeamCare Plan.

After being forced by the Vote No movement to reverse many healthcare cuts, the International Union is pulling out all the stops to push for members to approve the rejected contract supplements.
The International Union is sending every UPS Teamster a contract mailing and a promotional DVD. TeamCare representatives are fanning out to Local Union meetings over the next two weeks. TeamCare has a hotline for answering members questions too at 1-800-323-5000. 
Unlike the information Brownout that ruled over the contract negotiations, members will have a chance to get answers to their questions.
On a conference call with stewards from these rejected supplements, Ken Hall said “confusion over healthcare” led to the No Vote. 
What exactly does Hall think members were confused about?  Members voted No to stop healthcare cuts, protect their benefits and win improvements in their Supplements. For many members, the fight continues.
Vote No Organizing Continues
“I’m proud of what we won with Vote No power. But I’ll never Vote Yes for less,” said Bobby Curry, a leader of the Vote No movement in Philadelphia Local 623. “We don’t want concessions when UPS made $4.5 billion last year. We’re united for improvements, including more full-time jobs.”
Teamsters in the Central Region are also gearing up for a second Vote No effort.
“The changes to Team Care are a step in the right direction but don’t come near to matching what we had before. There is nothing in the new contract that keeps the Central States trustees from cutting benefits or raising the cost for members,” said Roger Austin, a Local 251 package steward from Owensboro, Kentucky. “At this point I can’t tell who Hoffa and Hall are working for but I am relatively sure it isn’t me.”
“The new offer in the Central is just a warmed-over version of the one we rejected,” said Columbus Local 413 member Nick Perry. “We need to Vote No again and make them finish the job.”

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