I’m Baaaaack

I’ve been away from the computer for awhile. 

I’ve been trying to capture that idyllic life of a retired UPS driver with nothing pressing to do and nowhere I have to be. A quieter world away from electronics and the internet and even the computer.
Well, it didn’t work. 
It seems that everywhere I went as a mellow, retired person, I ran into UPS drivers. Most of them I knew. Some of them I had represented as a Steward. Naturally, I had to stop and talk a minute.

It seems that while my life has changed dramatically since my retirement, not much change has occured at UPS. One guy told me that a driver in his center had to have both knees replaced and he claimed it as a comp injury. The division manager, with whom he was close, had supported his claim but comp denied it. When push came to shove, the division mgr told the driver ( a scab in the ’97 strike ) not to worry, he would be there for him. But on the day of the hearing, the DM was nowhere to be found and the driver’s claim was denied. So instead of receiving 2/3 of his salary and having all his medical expenses covered on comp, the driver went out on disability and received about 1/3 of his 40hr a week pay and paid 20% of the cost of the surgery and rehab.

Same old UPS.

It’s so good to be back.