Fox News too “liberal” for Tea Party

Try to read this without laughing……….


The Tea Party boycotted Fox News for the second time this month, saying the cable network is too liberal.

Tea Party members organized the second boycott of Fox News from Thursday, March 21 at 6 a.m. through Sunday, March 24 at 6 a.m. because they say the channel “turned Left,” according to the blog Benghazi Truth.

The blog alleges that the Obama administration organized a media-supported “cover-up” of the events surrounding the 2012 attacks on an American diplomatic mission at Benghazi in Libya.

Fox News has a reputation of representing a conservative perspective on political issues.

Written primarily by Frank M. Davis, Jr., a Tea Party supporter, the blog helped to organize and promote both boycotts. Kathy Amidon, a Tea Party activist from Nashville, Tenn., is also a driving force behind the boycotts.

The first boycott began Friday, March 8 and lasted through March 9.

A post on Benghazi Truth on Saturday says that the group “will rally over 1 million people to boycott FOX until it TURNS RIGHT, or until… everyone just walks away from the smoldering ash-heap that was once ‘Fair and Balanced.'”

The group’s boycott is focused solely on Fox News.

“FOX needs the Tea Party/conservatives more than the conservatives need FOX after FOX turned left, basically selling out the people who made FOX successful in an attempt to earn an extra buck,” a post on the blog reads. “FOX is extremely vulnerable to these boycotts while the rest of the (mainstream media) doesn’t need us at all, to speak of.”

Stan Hjerleid of Fort Collins, Colo. posted a “Guest Daily Memo” on Benghazi Truth on Mar. 13 explaining why Tea Party supporters like himself are boycotting Fox News.

Hjerleid’s blog post alleges that media outlets are using techniques “used by Hitler” in order to “indoctrinate the masses.”

The post specifically criticizes Sean Hannity for his TV special “Benghazi: 6 Months Of Deceit,” saying that the program included “absolutely nothing new on Benghazi.”

Hjerleid writes that “we need to be careful what we see and hear” on the news.

“If we keep silent about (Fox News’) shortcomings, then they can get away with shading their coverage further Left,” Hjerleid writes. “I for one oppose that. They can make adjustments or I will get my news elsewhere.”