Why I Do Denverbrown

I started Denverbrown back in 2003 (with a little help from my friends). . I was frustrated that I had no voice at UPS, even though I was an active steward. I wanted to rage against the machine. The following two paragraphs used to appear on my “contact me” page. 

         I’m publishing this website because I feel a need to speak up. I believe that the disparity of power between the common man and the corporation is growing larger everyday. The laborer is no longer respected as a key element in society. The middle class is struggling to hold on as the captains of industry ship our father’s good paying jobs overseas to be performed at low wages with no benefits. Part time jobs and contract labor are becoming the norm as blue collar careers disappear. The working man today is no longer seen as an added value to a business, but as an expensive burden. We are thought of as the problem, not the solution.

        The labor movement is a sleeping giant. Like a thoroughbred horse, American labor is far bigger and more powerful than its corporate masters. We accept with passive silence the constraints put upon us. We run when they say run and we accept ever diminishing rations as our reward. In the end, we are discarded. Our power to change the system lies in our unity. The horse could rule the master if it only realized its strength and applied it. I know my little website isn’t going to change the world. But if one more person stands up and says ‘I’ve had enough’, I will consider it a success. Because one person can affect two and two can affect four and pretty soon the horse is on its feet. And when the labor movement begins to act in unison like the powerful animal that it is, there will be a new race.

It will be a great day.