Welcome to the Denverbrown Blog

You know what a blog is.

Blog: It is a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences.

This is the Denverbrown Blog. And it’s not just for me. It’s for you too.

Denverbrown has been around for about 5 years and I’ve given a lot of opinions on a lot of issues important to me. Bob Newhouse  also poured out his soul on the pages of Denverbrown. Neither of us are timid about saying what’s on our minds. I know sometimes our readers have agreed and sometimes they haven’t.

Anyone who has something to say about UPS or the Teamsters or labor or politics or whatever is welcome to post here.

Just email me your story and I will post it up for you.

If you want to become a regular contributor, that can be arranged too.

Comments are welcome after any posting also.

Now you can share your thoughts and opinions. You can use your name or you can use an alias, I don’t care. Nobody else cares either.

It’s the ideas that we share that count. 

This is the page of Denverbrown that will be always be fresh and updated.  What’s new and exciting at UPS? You will find it here.  

So check back often. Hell, subscribe. But most of all, contribute. You know what I think, let the world know what you think!