Thom Says It All

If ever you aren’t sure why elections matter, just take a look at our court system. Earlier this week, three judges – all appointed by Democrats – stood up for voting rights in North Carolina. Only days earlier, the most conservative members of the Supreme Court issued a stay to slash early voting in Ohio.
The three-judge panel on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed North Carolina’s new voting laws, and put a stop to two of the provisions that would have disenfranchised many voters in the upcoming election. While the democratic appointees declared “the right to vote is fundamental,” the right-wing justices on the Supreme Court allowed Ohio’s restrictive voting laws to stay in effect this November.
To make matters worse, our nation’s highest court didn’t even hear arguments in the Ohio case, or provide any justification for their ruling. The distinction is clear. Judges appointed by Democrats understand that voting is a fundamental right in our nation. Judges who were appointed by Republicans see no problem with limiting our ability to participate in the democratic process.
Elections matter for many reasons, but the effect they have on our judicial system may be the most important reason why we have to get out and vote this November.