Systematic Corporatist Theft of the American Dream

               In case it isn’t obvious to you, the corporatist agenda has been to gut the American Dream of having a good job, owning a Corporatists on the Hunthome, retiring with a comfortable pension. We all used to sit back and watch as the corporate thieves gutted the airlines. They would create scenarios where they would sell off the assets, inflate the stock, then throw away the trash, after everything was gone. Leaving the poor employees, and the stupid investors that were left holding the stock, to pick up the pieces. Sounds like today. Our country has been gutted. Notice the disparity in wealth in our country.
              The middle class has decreased, with many people falling into the poor category. While the top 2 percenters have gained more wealth than ever before in our country. Meanwhile every move has been to sell out our pensions, steal the equity from our homes, or own our homes outright, and also to steal our health care so we will all just die and go away. The gutting of the airlines was successful. The gutting of the American dream continues without fail. Many of us sit back and support it all with our vote, and our political dollars. I have one question for you all. Has your financial life improved with the corporatists in power?
              Better rise up or better yet, wake up!