Shut Up and Win

     What a Political Season this is. Do you notice how the latest strategy for the more radical candidates this year is to shut-up. IfWe Warlocks aint talkin'! they are not available to the public, they don’t have to put their foot in their respective mouths about destroying Social Security or Medicare. They don’t have to tell you that they are fringe candidates with radical ideas about abortion, and stem cells. They don’t have to tell you that they are opposed to government intervention, anti-union, and totally sold out to the corporations.
     These candidates are counting on the fact that, because you are pissed off at the economy, and disappointed with the results of the current set of politicians, you will vote for any candidate other than the incumbent. They therefore don’t have to tell you what they stand for.
     That attitude is creating a frightening future for our country. Instead of picking the best person for the job, we will be picking the “anybody else”, candidate. Picking the alternative is not a bad thing necessarily if you know what these people truly stand for. To pick them without any knowledge of their positions, and their backgrounds, is truly political suicide.
     Do you really want the “witches, and warlocks”, to run our country? Do you really want the anti-social security, and anti-medicare, and anti-union crowd to control your life. These are the “political nightmares from hell” that have created the disaster we live with today. They created the greatest corporate giveaway in the history of the United States. They have created the largest disaster to ever hit the middle class in the history of the middle class.
               Let them know. If they aint talkin’, you aint votin’!