Politics, The Whacky Terbacky Days of Election

      Here it is. The start of the 2010 Political Season. Many states are holding primaries in the months ahead. Usually primaries are just Assume it's lies first!a side note to the political process, but this year will be a year of turnovers, with so many people, so disgruntled with the incumbents, the primaries will be very telling.
     Ironically having the President’s support has become a negative as much as a help. No one seems all that concerned about getting his recommendation after the fiasco in Massachusetts.     
     On the same note is the Republican fear of the Tea Party. While the Repub candidates want the Tea Party support, they fear they will lose the mainstream Republican, and Right Leaning Independent because of the radical appearance of the Tea Party agenda. 
          Where does that leave all of us in the middle? 
     If you are a conscientious voter, that pays attention to the candidates, and educates yourself on the history of the candidate, you should be able to make an educated choice based on the information you have. If you listen to Faux News or depend on some talk show mouth to make your decision for you, you got trouble. 
     So many of the media outlets, and talking heads, are so agenda driven, the facts they put out will be bent, and twisted, worse than a pretzel, to make the case for their boyscout or girlscout. People are becoming totally desensitized by the constant moral, and ethical smashing these people bring to the airwaves. Of course we know how “moral” these people are, yet we let them convince us of our need to follow them.
     Our country is at a crossroads. Our election process is being given to the large corporations. The average Joe has no chance of ever having a voice in this country again. Freedom of speech will be freedom of speech as long as you agree with the Corporate powers that be. Otherwise you can be taken out, both financially, and literally, with ease.
     I intend to look at the candidates where the money is not. Who are the people “not” taking the PAC money. Who are the people talking directly to the people, not schmoozing the Corporations. Who are the people that care about the people of our country first, not the Corporations with all the contribution money. Listen for words like “small business”, “people’s health and welfare”, “the future of the people”, “jobs”. That is where you can at least begin to find the candidates that will work for you. Of course we know that many “politicians” have a propensity to stretch the truth, or even lie outright to attain the office.
     Good luck in making your decisions, but stay involved. It is the time for involvement, not apathy. Apathy has us where we are today.
                                   Involvement will buy us a better tomorrow!