Obama Blamed for Sanford Affair

     Leaders of the Republican party today blamed President Obama for SC Governor Sanford’s affair with an woman from Argentina. Rush Limbaugh led the blame game with his astute analysis of how frustration with Obama’s policies is leading right minded Americans to just “give up”.
     There was a time when the cornerstone of the Republican philosophy was personal  responsibility. People are responsible for their own actions. They preached that every person has free choice and what they do with their lives shows what kind of person they really are. Good people, good families, people with strong values, these people were good Republicans. They made good choices and worked hard for a good life. They didn’t need government bailouts or social relief programs, they didn’t need Head Start or Affirmative Action or welfare. They stood on their own.
      But more recently, as moral scandals have rocked the party, Republicans have abandoned personal responsiblity. Now they blame other people for their problems.  Of course, they most like to blame Democrats for their problems. The party of personal responsibility has become the party of finger pointing. They are no longer responsible for what they do. 
      President Obama takes his own wife on a “date night” and talks about the importance of fathers taking care of their children on “Fathers Day” while Governor Sanford, father of four, skips town on “Fathers Day” and flies to Argentina on State money to be with his other women.  Rush thinks that’s Obama’s fault. I think Rush is hitting the pills again.