I Told You So


OK, I can’t resist. Any of you that have read my stuff on Denverbrown know that I have been an ad advocate of taking the corporations out of our national politics and making our government a government of the people.

I have advocated the reduction of corporate welfare. Look where we are now. The corporations are taking us all down. But today we have hope. On January 20th, Barack Obama will become our 44th President. While I am hopeful about the possibilities for the future, the time has come to rise up and demand what we have all voted for.

If we all sit down and just let it happen with out voicing our concerns, the money trap will swallow our hopes for the future. Don’t kid yourself; these people that will take office are politicians after all. They will be looking out for their survival first as all of them have in the past. It is up to the people to make their concerns known.

The first step must be to get coprorate money out of politics. The next step must be for the working people of this counmtry to rise up and demand health care, card check, and that workers comp., social security and welfare be restored to functional levels.

The people must also demand that a level playing field be established for importing goods to help generate American jobs and American wealth. We Americans are paying for the benefit of coprorations to be able to buy cheap labor overseas and s–t can our jobs. You pay for it, and they they sell you out. In fact, they steal what little you have left.

The true patriot supports American workers and American people. Our children are dieing in Iraq to support the Saudi’s. That is the corporate way. Sacrifice your jobs, sacrifice your health, and sacrifice your life; all for the bottom line. It is the ultimate in soul selling. Only they are selling your sold to the devil for you, without your permission.

Stop them now. Get involved. Open your mouth. Speak your peace. Change won’t happen without you.

Yes you.