E Plab Nista

What part of “We the People”, has our government forgotten. The polling shows, somewhere in the neighborhood of 62%These are not holy words, they are the words of the people of the people in this country, support the public option as part of the health care reform package. Yet our Congress people act as if it is more important to give the same corporations that created this mess, a handout. They have a, “we can’t sell out our corporate money people just to provide a real service to the American people”, attitude
     . It’s obvious that these people are all corporatists including Barack Obama. All you have to do is follow the Insurance company dollar and you will see that the debate has been bought and paid for by these corporations.
     What the end result will be is nothing for the people that need it. The corporations have determined there is no profit in insuring the poor, and the pre-existing condition, and by damned, we’re going to see to it that they stay uninsured.
     The bill of rights was originally written for the people, but the corporations, and our bought and sold politicians, have seen to it that the word “people” is removed and replaced with the word “corporation”.

There will be no change in Washington from either side until the people get to pick the candidates, not corporate money. Simple as that!