Corporatist’s Are After What’s Left of the American Dream

    Our Future as We Know It? We’ve watched a number of trends over the last few decades, in business sectors mostly, but more recently in the realms of the working person. We stood by and watched while large, successful companies were bought out by other large corporations with the sole purpose of gutting the original company for it’s “assets”. Of course the word asset does not include the effort and worth of the people that are employees of the destroyed company.
      Unfortunately one of the major “assets” sucked into the corporate vacuum has been the worker’s pensions. These large sums are simply absorbed by the corporations, never to be seen or used by the people that earned them, again. The other assets of these companies are then sold off and the company ceases to exist or at least exist in any mirror of their former glory. Meanwhile these huge corporations move on to their next victim with a yawn, and disdain for the working people they’ve left behind.
     Strewn behind these massacres are the “average Joe” trying to get by with maybe a small house, mortgaged to the hilt, an older car with a dozen payments left, and a couple of kids that now have no healthcare.
     Scenarios like this have played out coast to coast across these United States. Many of the corporate attackers have been foreign corporations, that have dumped billions of dollars into our political system to open the regulatory doors to allow the destruction of our companies. Not only have these corporations moved many jobs overseas, they have continued to destroy our way of life in the U.S.
     Americans will remember during World War II that it was our “American” companies that rose to the occasion, and defeated the Nazis and their fascist regime by becoming the most productive manufacturing force ever created on this earth. Now that manufacturing force is being dismantled from within, by people with the same mentality, only a different tactic.
     Think about it, is there any electronic item in our country that could run without the use of Chinese, or Japanese manufactured parts? Is there any vehicle that could move down the road without parts made in India, Mexico, or Canada? Is there any plane flying without parts, and metals, imported from foreign countries?
     The fact is there is not. Almost everything we use in everyday life is foreign made. When push comes to shove are we going to be the formidable power we were during World War II should some dictator or another rise up against us with the support of these manufacturing giants in the world?
     Through greed we have let our “business” ideals be sold out to the detriment of our national security. Not to mention just the small ideal of being a Patriotic American.
     Now these huge corporations are after our government. They are legislating out of existence all of the safety nets built in to our governmental system that protect real Americans. They are attacking our children through the unreasonable cost of a college education keeping our populace “dumbed down”. They are attacking our healthcare system keeping us weak, sickly, and poor through the horrendous cost of staying healthy. They are attacking the Unions that give the workers voice in the Corporate world. They are making it harder, and harder to vote. They are stealing the wealth out of the pocket of the average working American.
     Our upcoming election is a crossroads to the future, and what the future holds for our children and us. We are being told that politicians that have participated in the gutting of America are now the most qualified to run our country. They continue to tell us that regulation is damaging the economy’s ability to recover and we should set the corporations free. They continue to get rid of jobs, pensions, healthcare, education, all things important to the average worker in our country. They continue to sell out America.
     Think about it! They’re coming for you next, and you are about to vote for them!