Corporate Nationalism Is Dead

   AH, the old days  The days of Corporate Nationalism are over. UPS is a perfect example of how the “bottom line” drives a company away from caring about their employees in America.
     The company used to have what I call the “Jim Casey management method”. My impression of that method has always been that “we are all in it together, to benefit us all”. The Teamsters were invited in to organize the company to create a structured system to function by within the company. Everybody that worked there could expect the same treatment. No one had to fear favoritism from the boss. All opportunities were made available based on performance, not on how brown your nose was.
      The company showed the employees how valuable they were to the company through various award systems, and outside activities. The job was still tough, and the battles were still fierce, but an employee could still expect a fair shake if they demonstrated that they cared about the profitability of the company, and cared about working as a team to get the job done with their fellow employees. Team play was encouraged through softball games, and get togethers sponsored by the company. Becoming friends among the workforce was considered a “formula for success”. Employees were awarded for safe driving, safe work methods, volume development, etc. Now most of those programs have been tossed in the name of profit.
     So where are we today? I do not have to tell you the effect of Telematics and the way the company uses it to brow beat the drivers. I do not have to tell you how management has a total “do it, or be fired” mentality. I do not have to tell you how the company continues to attack the Teamsters, and the contract, continually, even when they are being unfair to one employee or another.
It’s strictly about the ‘bottom line”. I do not have to tell you about the “Lord and Master” type of management. 
      Employees are an expendable necessity for doing business.
      The management mentality is to do as little for the employee as they can, in order to improve profit for the public stockholders, and reduce the costs of operation. Doesn’t matter at what personal expense, or damage to people it does. People no longer matter.
     Think our world has not changed? Think we have not become a world of the giant “multi-national” corporations?
                                             Look in your own backyard!