Contact Our Elected Leaders Today

Today is the day to get in touch with our leaders. The two major issues of the day are the Employee Free Choice Act, and the possibility of a National Health Care Plan. Barack Obama’s election was bought and paid for by the Rank and File American. He would appreciate a reminder when it comes to decision time. Below are the contact links. I also suggest you contact Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi and remind them that they work for the American people.

Tell President Obama What You Think!!

Let Harry Reid Know What You Think!!

Let Nancy Pelosi Know What You Think!!

Remember these people work for you. We elected them to save our economy, protect our jobs, and to work for us for Health Care, and the Employee Free Choice Act. You have every right to demand that they hear your voice. You do not have to be afraid to let them know what you think, and demand action on the legislation that affects you! 
E-Mail them today!