Attack On Citizens United


Another blow has been struck against Citizens United, and this time it’s not by a city council. The New Mexico House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday, calling for Congress to overturn Citizens United via Constitutional Amendment. The final vote was 38-29 with one independent and one Republican joining Democrats to rebuke the controversial Supreme Court case that has allowed corporations and the super wealthy to donate unlimited amounts of money to candidates through the unfettered use of Super PACS.

The New Mexico House joins the city councils of New York City, Albany, Missoula, Los Angeles, and several others across the country in calling for an end to Citizens United. The bill now heads for the New Mexico Senate.

The notion that corporations are people is very unpopular among the American people and the movement for a Constitutional Amendment is only growing, especially since Occupy Wall Street made the repeal of Citizens United one of their key demands. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been vocal about his support of Citizens United, going so far as to declare that corporations are people in front of a crowd in Iowa. One thing is clear though. The American people do not like the idea of corporate personhood and are furious about corporations buying elections. And rightfully so. The American people want their democracy back.