We all thought PAS was such a big deal when it came out. Now that we’ve been using it for a few years it doesn’t represent the big evil that everyone was afraid of. Everyone has gotten used to the idea and realized that functioning under it has made them more valuable, not less. Now we move on to Telematics. For those of you new to these pages, or relatively uninformed, Telematics is the new system installed in your package car to monitor your seatbelt usage, your bulkhead door position, your first move after start-up, and your vehicles computer functions, (ie. check engine codes etc.). My understanding is that it also contains a real-time GPS capability along the lines of your DIAD. I also understand that the system will not download any information until you reach the building and the key is shut off. It will document that time. It will not know if you are at the air dock, or unload doors, but it will provide an approximate arrival time. It is amazing to me how many drivers have approached me trying to justify their reasons for not using a seatbelt, or leaving the bulkhead door open once they heard about the system. This is You on TelematicsMy only response to them is, “there is no excuse”. The bulkhead door will subject you to the disciplinary procedure, and the seatbelt will get you fired for other serious offenses. The contract protects you from Telematics being used as the sole evidence against you, but it will be a simple matter for them to observe you on area, then back it up with the printouts available to them showing every infraction. The computer screen will show a flag at the stop where the infraction occurred. Did you back first? Did you move without the seatbelt in place? Was the bulkhead door open? Management will be given a 3 day class in the use of Telematics. My understanding is it will be operational in our facility sometime in the next two to three weeks. Please understand that I am not privileged to the official information or use, I just have the information based on the system installation, and where the sensors are installed, so you need to keep your eyes and ears open, and let us know if you have any differing, or new information on the system. I also have no information regarding it’s use in the more extended centers. I know the company is not installing the system in some of the older vehicles, but that isn’t an across the board statement. It’s easy to see if the system is installed as there is a big antenna glued to the ceiling, and if you have a new squealing sound in your radio, you need to look around. Please do not think you can disconnect or otherwise vandalize the system without consequences. They can tell if the system is unhooked, and will discipline you if they catch you messing with it. For those of you that do your job everyday, the system is a joke, and will mean nothing to your day. In fact they feel they can reduce management to watch you so you will likely be subject to less harassment which is a good thing. For you running, jumping, kiss ass, fireballs, that think you are running a paper route, you gotta big problem.  You are who they will nail. They will not care what you’ve done for them in the past. Remember our famous words here, if they can nail you, they will”! Not one of you is immune, and none of you will be spared. For those of you savvy enough to be reading these pages, pass the word. Let your Teamster brethren know about the system, and about Denver Brown.