I Told You So


OK, I can’t resist. Any of you that have read my stuff on Denverbrown know that I have been an ad advocate of taking the corporations out of our national politics and making our government a government of the people.

I have advocated the reduction of corporate welfare. Look where we are now. The corporations are taking us all down. But today we have hope. On January 20th, Barack Obama will become our 44th President. While I am hopeful about the possibilities for the future, the time has come to rise up and demand what we have all voted for.

If we all sit down and just let it happen with out voicing our concerns, the money trap will swallow our hopes for the future. Don’t kid yourself; these people that will take office are politicians after all. They will be looking out for their survival first as all of them have in the past. It is up to the people to make their concerns known.

The first step must be to get coprorate money out of politics. The next step must be for the working people of this counmtry to rise up and demand health care, card check, and that workers comp., social security and welfare be restored to functional levels.

The people must also demand that a level playing field be established for importing goods to help generate American jobs and American wealth. We Americans are paying for the benefit of coprorations to be able to buy cheap labor overseas and s–t can our jobs. You pay for it, and they they sell you out. In fact, they steal what little you have left.

The true patriot supports American workers and American people. Our children are dieing in Iraq to support the Saudi’s. That is the corporate way. Sacrifice your jobs, sacrifice your health, and sacrifice your life; all for the bottom line. It is the ultimate in soul selling. Only they are selling your sold to the devil for you, without your permission.

Stop them now. Get involved. Open your mouth. Speak your peace. Change won’t happen without you.

Yes you.

The UPS Family

       All of us are members of the UPS family. It’s a good family, it’s well respected and wins many awards as the ideal family. But we all know that in the real world, outward appearances often hide internal conflict. The ideal family is not the norm, the more common family is the dysfunctional family. Is UPS a dysfunctional family?
        Here are some examples of patterns that frequently occur in dysfunctional families. See if any of these sound familiar in your relationship with UPS. Just substitute the work :management” for the word “Parent”.

Parents have addictions or compulsions such as overworking, that have strong influences on family members.
Parents use threats as the primary means of control.
Parents exploit the children and treat them as possessions whose primary purpose is to fill needs of parents.
Parents threaten to withdraw financial support.
Parents exert a strong authoritarian control, often rigidly adhering to a particular belief.
Compliance with role expectations and with rules is expected without any flexibility. 

 Since we are treated as the children in this family, we all suffer some common problems. Some of us may often:

Experience “reality shifting” in which what is said contradicts what is actually happening.
Have excessive structure and demands placed on our time and behavior.
Be restricted from full and direct communication with other family members.
Be ignored, discounted, or criticized for our feelings and thoughts.
Experience rejection or preferential treatment. 

        Dysfunctional families often foster children who question their self worth and are unable to trust their own judgements. Not surprisingly, they may experience problems in their work.
        In common with other people, members of dysfunctional families often struggle to interpret their situation as “normal.” The more they have to accommodate to make the situation seem normal, the more bizarre their world becomes. Do you feel that life at UPS is bizarre? 
        Is your UPS the ideal family or the dysfunctional family?

Welcome to the Denverbrown Blog

You know what a blog is.

Blog: It is a specialized site that allows an individual or group of individuals to share a running log of events and personal insights with online audiences.

This is the Denverbrown Blog. And it’s not just for me. It’s for you too.

Denverbrown has been around for about 5 years and I’ve given a lot of opinions on a lot of issues important to me. Bob Newhouse  also poured out his soul on the pages of Denverbrown. Neither of us are timid about saying what’s on our minds. I know sometimes our readers have agreed and sometimes they haven’t.

Anyone who has something to say about UPS or the Teamsters or labor or politics or whatever is welcome to post here.

Just email me your story and I will post it up for you.

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Now you can share your thoughts and opinions. You can use your name or you can use an alias, I don’t care. Nobody else cares either.

It’s the ideas that we share that count. 

This is the page of Denverbrown that will be always be fresh and updated.  What’s new and exciting at UPS? You will find it here.  

So check back often. Hell, subscribe. But most of all, contribute. You know what I think, let the world know what you think!

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