Police: Landscaper Punches UPS Driver, Faces Assault Charges

A landscaper working at a Haines Road residence was arrested Monday after he punched and broke the nose of a UPS driver after accusing him of coming up the driveway too quickly, Bedford police said.

Police responded to a 911 call from the driver, who locked himself inside his truck after the alleged assault. Upon their arrival, police interviewed the driver, who said the landscaper, Guido Enrique Morales-Acevedo, had yelled at him for driving too fast. He said he attempted to tell him he didn’t think he was speeding, but the landscaper began screaming profanities and punched him in the nose.

The driver suffered lacerations to his face and said he was in severe pain. He was taken to Northern Westchester Hospital where he learned his nose was broken.

Morales-Acevedo, 33, of Bedford, was charged with third degree assault with intent to physically injure. He was arraigned by Judge Erik Jacobsen and released on $500 bail pending a return to town court.
ByLisa Buchman

McCain voters defecting to Obama are older white males

     (Reuters) – In today’s highly polarized political environment it is somewhat surprising to find voters who backed John McCain in 2008 and now support President Barack Obama, but they exist.
     Roughly 5 percent of respondents in Reuters/Ipsos polls said they chose the Republican contender in 2008 and will switch to Obama in 2012. This number peaked at around 9 percent two separate times over the summer, according to data collected since January.
     Who are these defectors?
     Jeff Waltrip, 56, is a retired electrician and retail worker who has voted Republican all his life. But in his view Obama “has done a good job with what he was left with, and I truly believe that allowing Mitt Romney in there is going to make the world a whole lot worse than it is now.” Waltrip said he liked the Republican ticket in 2008 because McCain is a veteran and because Sarah Palin “made me laugh.”
     The McCain-to-Obama switchers are 55 percent male, and 34 percent of them are 55 or older. (Overall, Obama trails Romney 34 percent to 52 percent among white men over 50.) About 72 percent of them are white.
     They are largely from the East Coast; nearly 4 in 10 live in the mid- or South Atlantic. Nearly 3 in 10 finished their education after high school, and nearly 2 in 10 have a bachelor’s degree.
     Two-thirds say they are absolutely going to vote, choosing “10” on a 1-10 scale for likelihood of voting.
     Even though 38 percent of all voters believe the economy is the election’s most prominent issue, just one-third of the McCain defectors agree. Character matters more.
     “Right now if I had to choose it would be Obama, because he’s more personable,” said William Holliday, a 58-year-old retiree from Convis Township, Michigan. “Romney has changed his position so many damn times, you don’t know what he thinks at all. But they’re both liars.”
     Holliday said that in general he leans Republican. “I did vote for McCain four years ago in spite of the fact he picked Palin. Because I thought that was a cheap trick he pulled there.” He worries that if Romney is elected he will put “Cheney and Rumsfeld back in there to run the show.”
     Jeffrey Baker, 56, a retiree in Strong, Maine, thinks Romney’s refusal to release his taxes disqualifies him. “If you can’t be honest from the start, I don’t want you in the Oval Office,” he said. Romney, whose personal worth has been estimated at roughly $250 million, has faced criticism from Democrats for not releasing enough years’ worth of his tax returns.
     “Four years ago I voted for John McCain because I thought he was more experienced, and I thought we needed someone with some military background,” Baker said. “Mitt Romney – I don’t believe he has the experience that’s needed. He’s a businessman, he knows how to make money. That’s all well and good, but we’ve got people to worry about.”
     Baker is unhappy with the entire campaign. “There’s nothing going on. No information, no nothing,” he said. “Everybody says they’re going to do this, they’re going to do that. But nobody says how they’re going to do it.”
     He’s basing his vote on a general sense that “Obama is more for the whole country than Romney is,” alluding to the leaked video. “Romney, that’s his honest feelings. He doesn’t really care about the 47 percent.”
     Waltrip also believes Romney is out of touch with lower-income Americans, and he mistrusts the candidate’s religious convictions.
     “I’ve always felt like the Mormon Church was more of a cult,” Waltrip said. “I’m sort of afraid that his interests are going to be strictly for the Mormon Church.”
     Overall about 34 percent of likely voters said they would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate if he or she were Mormon, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted during the week ending October 21.
     The defectors to Obama remain a smaller subset of respondents than those who voted for him in 2008 and now support Romney. The Reuters/Ipsos polling shows 10 percent of voters plan to cross the aisle in that direction.
     (The Reuters/Ipsos database is now public and searchable here: tinyurl.com/reuterspoll)
     (Editing by Prudence Crowther)

The Denver Post Endorses Obama

The following is an excerpt from the Denver Post article in which they come out in endorsement of President Obama

A largely intransigent Republican Party shares in the blame, however, particularly because of unwillingness to cede any ground to Obama in the last two years on policies — such as the president’s American Jobs Act — that attempt to bolster the economy.

And though there is much in Mitt Romney’s résumé to suggest he is a capable problem-solver, the Republican nominee has not presented himself as a leader who will bring his party closer to the center at a time when that is what this country needs.

Read more: Endorsement: Barack Obama for president – The Denver Post http://www.denverpost.com/opinion/ci_21804862/editorial-barack-obama-president#ixzz29qPBk38T

Negotiations Resume

National Contract Negotiations Resume Monday

National UPS contract negotiations will be held in St. Petersburg, Florida next week from October 15-18.

The International Union turned over some opening bargaining proposals to UPS on Sept. 27. UPS did not submit bargaining proposals at that time.

The first page of the International Union’s bargaining demands includes a strongly-worded “Note on Harassment” and General Secretary-Treasurer and chief negotiator Ken Hall also issued a statement saying there will be no agreement reached unless harassment is dealt with to the union’s satisfaction.

But so far the IBT has offered few specific proposals on harassment. The Union’s opening proposal on Article 37, which covers excessive overtime, over-dispatch, over-supervision, 9.5 and 8-hour requests, was blank.

Click here to download and review the union’s opening proposals.

Click here to read more detailed coverage of the union’s opening bargaining proposals.

Will Union Proposals on SurePost Make UPS Deliver?

The International Union has told UPS that it will stop union cooperation with the controversial SurePost program unless the company negotiates agreements on the program as part of the new contract.

But the Company is already implementing one of the union’s only proposed changes, with the goal of boosting UPS profits, not protecting Teamsters.

The Union’s opening contract proposals calls for “a program to ensure that where package car drivers are delivering ground packages at the same address or to nearby addresses of SurePost packages, bargaining unit members will deliver the packages instead of the Post Office.” (Article 26, New Section 4)

But UPS already announced this change, three months ago and has started training package drivers.

Under a program called SurePost Redirect, UPS’s technology (PAS) will automatically redirect a post office SurePost package for delivery by the UPS driver when the company is delivering package to the same address or there are a multiple SurePost packages going to the same address on the same day.

The cost-saving purpose behind SurePost Redirect is laid out in a company presentation dated July 2012. It says point blank that the purpose of SurePost Redirect is to “Lower our cost by creating multi-package residential deliveries and reducing postage fees.” Click here to read it.

It is not clear why the IBT included a proposal for the already-implemented program in the Union’s bargaining demands.

SurePost ReDirect will save the company money and give package drivers additional boxes to deliver. But in and of itself, it will not do anything to ease over-dispatch and excessive overtime.

That will only happen through strengthening 9.5 protections and creating more driving jobs. That’s what our Union should be fighting for and making a condition of continued cooperation with SurePost.

Click here to read the full story.